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Our Experts’ Favourite Magnets: Juan Suarez-Robinson

Our Experts' Favourite Magnets

Over the next couple of weeks, our experts will be revealing their favourite magnets and the reasons why they rate them so highly. We will see everything from magnetic gifts and games to solution based magnetic applications that can be used by yourself in everyday life!

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Magnets in the Automotive Industry

Magnets in the automotive industry

Magnets magnet magnets! They are here, there and everywhere and we don’t even realise it. From the device you are reading this on to the hidden catches on your gate, magnets are an extremely versatile product with endless possibilities and are often an unsung hero.

With the British Grand Prix this weekend, support will be high for Lewis Hamilton and Jolyon Palmer! To get into the mood of cars, racing and all things Motorsport, we decided to take a look into how magnets are being used within the automotive industry! We’ll be exploring the use of magnets from the production line all the way to the seatbelt detection! Take a read and see how many you already knew about…

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