How To Apply Magnet Expert Magnetic Catches – Step by Step Guide

Magnetic catches are designed to provide a convenient and simple solution for secure door and cabinet closures. This blog will outline step by step how to install your magnetic catches.

Once you have received the magnetic catch, you will need to disassemble the parts to aid with installation to the desired closure. Each catch will be provided with a plastic housing in which the magnet assembly sits in (A), the plated cover (B) and the striking plate (C).

STEP 1 – Installing the plastic housing

All our magnetic catches are provided with a plastic housing that will hold the magnet assembly. To ensure there is no ‘clunk’ sound when closing, leave a 1mm air gap between the housing and the frame of the cupboard. Using the correct sized screws, screw the housing into the desired place on the cupboard frame. We recommend using 6mm face sized screws to ensure the housing is securely in place. Buy them here: 

STEP 2Inserting the magnet assembly within the plastic housing

The magnet assembly can now be placed within the plastic housing. Two Neodymium magnets are used to ensure that the door is secure when closed.

STEP 3Placing cover over plastic housing and magnet assembly

Once the magnet assembly is securely in place, the casing can be easily placed on top.

The casing provides a clean finish, whilst hiding the assembly and housing underneath. The case is also designed to provide a 1mm air gap to the magnets, to ensure that when the door is closing, there is no loud clunk sound – which is often associated with standard magnetic catches.

STEP 4 – Add the striking plate

Once the main assembly is in place, the striking plate can be applied to the door. The striking plates are conveniently supplied with adhesive backing and two screw holes for fixing in place. If using the adhesive for fixing, to ensure the adhesive can withstand the pull strength, we recommend allowing between 24 to 32 hours for the adhesive to fully cure. For a more secure permanent fixing, use the screw fixing.


You have now successfully installed your magnetic catch! Your cupboard will now close safely and securely.

Why not try our other sizes and colours?

42.3mm x 11.4mm x 16.5mm Magnetic Catch – Available in Black, Gold & Brushed Chrome|ps_2-14217

42.4mm x 11.3mm x 11.5mm Magnetic Catch – Available in Black, Gold & Brushed Chrome|ps_2-14205


For more information on our range of magnetic catches and any other magnet queries, contact our experts on 0845 519 4701.

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