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Staying safe while magnetic fishing, with Magnetic G!

Stay Safe Magnet Fishing with Magnetic G

Fishermen and women are no longer just searching for carp and trout; today, we are searching for ferrous treasures that lurk beneath the water’s surface through magnetic fishing!

In recent years, magnetic fishing has grown in popularity with an increasing number of enthusiasts casting off into rivers, lakes and canals to see what they can discover with their magnetic fishing kits! The hobby is ‘attracting’ (pun intended) people of all ages who have discovered everything from safes to historic coins, jewellery and a lot of scrap metal, too.

More recently, we were alerted to George, a young magnet fisher and YouTuber from Newark who goes by the name ‘Magnetic G’. With MAGNET EXPERT® based locally in Tuxford and our parent company, Ellis Mather Group, recently becoming the naming rights partner of Newark Festival, we have a keen interest in the local community and wanted to learn more – especially when magnets were involved!

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