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Our Experts’ Favourite Magnets: Eric Styles

Experts' favourite magnets - Eric

It’s that time of the week where First4Magnets.com reveal another of their experts’ favourite magnets. In the third edition of the series, we will be chatting to our longest serving expert, Mr Eric Styles. *Applause* Continue reading

Animal magnetism – Nature’s own satellite navigation system

Migrating sea turtle swimming

The Earth produces its own magnetic field, which emanates from its magnetic inner iron core. On the Earth’s surface the magnetic field is extremely weak compared to the permanent magnets used in many every day appliances. At the magnetic poles the Earth’s magnetic field is approximately 0.7 Gauss compared to the Gauss value of a relatively small 10mm diameter x 5mm thick N42 neodymium magnet which can reach 5100 Gauss.

It is this magnetic field that makes a compass point north but for many species, the Earth’s magnetic field has a much more profound role…

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Magnetism teaching resources

Magnetism for kids title

The Internet is full of useful information, including thousands of fabulous teaching resources created for every subject by teachers, schools and organisations. At first4magnets.com we are passionate about providing great, useful information about magnets for people young and old. Take a look at these free teaching resources we’ve put together. Please feel free to use and share 🙂

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